“WE all need to work together on this.”

This is the call from councillors as they combat Ansa bin lorries using Middlewich streets as a cut-through.

New routes mean that Ansa lorries should not be using Warmingham Lane and Cross Lane apart from on Tuesday collection days, but residents say the high-speed detours to the Cledford Lane hub from Crewe and Nantwich are still commonplace.

A resident told Middlewich Town Council members at a meeting on Monday that a complaint had been made to Ansa, and councillors are now asking others to help build a complete picture of the issue.

Winsford Guardian:

Bin lorries should not use Warmingham Lane or Cross Lane apart from for Middlewich's Tuesday collections

Cllr Jonathan Parry said: “They are speeding quite heavily in the morning when there is no traffic. It sounds like a bit of an earthquake on a narrow road. This has been raised with Ansa and they are looking into it – the routes have been changed and they should not be using it.

“Anyone who sees the wagons doing it should take the registration plate and report it to the councillors or to Ansa. Or, if you can at least note the time, it narrows it down for Ansa to be able to track it. We all need to work together on this.”

Cllr David Latham said the issue would be raised at the Ansa liaison committee, and that residents were welcome to pass their complaints directly to him as well as Ansa.

He said: “We will make as big of an issue as we can and try to resolve it.”

Cllr Mike Hunter added: “It can’t became a dust wagon-free zone, but we can try and get close to it.

“Ansa have worked quite hard to remove the wagons from Warmingham Lane but we have seen the drivers who don’t want to take long detour when they can get there quicker by using Warmingham Lane.

“We need the registration numbers – that way we can report it to Ansa so they can take action, and they will take action – they really do.”

Contact councillors or Ansa to raise complaints.