UNCERTAINTY surrounds whether Cheshire Police will provide traffic management cover at this year’s Remembrance Day services in what has been labelled as a ‘sticking point’.

Town and parish councils in the county were dealt a blow last year when they were told the force would no longer provide any traffic management service on Remembrance Sunday from 2020.

Cheshire Police decided it is more appropriate for event organisers to find alternative traffic management and apply for road closures with their borough council for future events.

But Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner David Keane, who will be seeking re-election in May, insisted the services are a priority for residents that officers should continue to support.

Although the number of officers available for traffic management in November was reduced, there were still more than 230 officers and PCSOs at 69 events in the county.

It was a point highlighted by Labour’s Mr Keane during Wednesday’s Cheshire police and crime panel meeting at Warrington Town Hall.

However, the drop in cover meant some events in November either had to be cancelled, or plans significantly changed.

But on Wednesday, Mr Keane said the response from the public was ‘absolutely appreciative’ and promised to engage with local authorities ‘very early’ this year over plans for this year’s services.

He said: “I am very keen to ensure there is an agreement between Cheshire Constabulary and local authorities about who is going to maintain road closures going forward because that appeared to be the sticking point.”

Labour Cheshire West and Chester councillor Robert Bisset, ward member for Central and Grange, told him it ‘invariably comes down to priorities’.

He also criticised the ‘unbelievably short notice’ about last year’s events not being policed in the usual manner and says there was very little time to make any other substantial arrangements.

But he vowed to keep the issue ‘high on the agenda’ throughout the year.

Panel chairman Evan Morris said he thinks members are supporting Mr Keane to ‘lobby hard to maintain the status quo’ and bring more clarity over the road closures.