CARERS with low income and residents on disability benefits will receive additional support to pay for their council tax from next April.

Cheshire East Council approved a new council tax support scheme for 2020-21 at its full council meeting on Thursday.

The new system introduces bands which set out the amount of financial support residents are entitled to, based on their income, relationship status and if they have no children, one child or more than one child.

Winsford Guardian:

It also takes out the carer’s allowance and the first £40 from disabled residents’ earnings from the banding system – meaning those residents could be entitled to increased support – while the first £25 of residents’ weekly-earned income will also be disregarded.

CEC will also increase the maximum period that claims for council tax support can be backdated from 13 weeks to 12 months, provided there are ‘good reasons for the delay’.

A report presented at the meeting said: “The proposed banded scheme is much simpler and will reduce the amount of changes resulting in revised demands and instalments.

“Potential customers can also more easily identify potential entitlement.

“The scheme will continue to support those in need, protecting those most vulnerable and encourage those who can work, to do so.”