A BUSY Winsford gym is celebrating recent successes.

Six students from Tiagon MMA, based at New Images Youth and Community Centre in Nixon Drive, brought home three gold and silver medals from the national Brazilian Jujitsu All Stars competition staged in Manchester.

Oliver Challinor, Brooke McCormick, Kurtis Sharkey, Alfie Fowell, Josh Ray and Harvey Cox all did their club proud.

"Some competed twice in different weight categories but all of our students did amazing, fighting their way to the finals," said head coach James Dubber.

"The hard work and dedication from the kids really paid off for them.

"We are currently working on the next competition in 2020."

Alfie, 13, also pushed himself in training for his recent cage fight.

"He took the win on a big show, Gladiator Promotions UK, in Stoke," said Dubber.

"Alfie is a rising star in the MMA world and will be one to watch out for in the future."

Three of the club's adult members tackled a Roll Models national Brazilian Jujitsu competition.

"Two of our fighters fought a weight class above themselves, one being a junior entering the adults category and he actually ended up winning the gold medal," said Dubber.

Brandon McCormick clinched gold, while Luke Folden secured silver and Nick Gregory achieved bronze.

"Luke and Brandon beat all the competition in their category and had to face each other in the final," added Dubber.

The trio train in No-Gi submission grappling under the Tiagon fighting system.

The mixed martial arts fitness facility is not just about fighting though.

Dubber explained: "There is also a success story behind Cameron Parton, who has autism and learning disabilities.

"Since training at the club he's made friends, his confidence is booming and he's become lot fitter.

"He has lost 2½stone in three months and looks great.

"I created a training and meal programme that would suit his lifestyle and characteristics.

"Cameron has stuck to every bit of it, pushing 100 per cent,

"He turns up 30 minutes before every class because he enjoys being at the club.

"It's brilliant that he feels welcome and comfortable which makes me proud as a coach because MMA isn't always about winning fights but about building character and creating a better self no matter what your background is."