REVISED plans for another housing estate off Warmingham Lane have been submitted, taking the total number of proposed houses to 84.

The Glebe Farm application for Moston was deferred by a planning committee in July and, with concerns raised over just eight of the houses being affordable, the total has risen to 11.

The new design sees the plots shifted around the site, in response to planners' advice that the previous layout felt 'cramped' and 'insular'.

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In a revised planning statement, developer Seddon said: "The development has been designed to face outwards, fronting onto the countryside edges and landscape features.

"A 'village'-style character has been adopted through the orientation of the plots and streetscapes." They added that a 'green buffer' would be retained along Warmingham Lane, with existing trees and hedgerows remaining in situ.

The site is east of Warmingham Lane, bordered to the north by Inglewood Avenue.

Winsford Guardian:

The new layout comprises eight two-bedroom flats, 12 two-bedroom semi-detached homes, and 18 three-bedroom semi-detached homes.

There would also be 13 two-bedroom mews homes, 20 three-bedroom mews homes, and 13 three-bedroom detached homes.

The affordable homes would be the flats, and three of the mews homes.

A Seddon representative told councillors in July of the scheme's‘clear economic, social and environmental benefits’.

Residents, however, remain unconvinced

A Jubilee Pastures resident said: "There is still no connection between the roads on this site and the field opposite that also has a planning permission application.

"I do note the inclusion of two very small footpaths between the two developments. However I find it fascinating that you are able to squeeze in more houses into the plan, but you can't work out a plan that includes a connective road and cycle path."

A Fairacre Drive resident added: "Over the past three years various developments have been built off Warmingham Lane.

"With new on-street parking and Ansa traffic movements the road is more congested and another 84 houses will also add to this problem.

"Furthermore the town itself does not have the schools, doctors etc. to cope with more housing."

Cheshire East Council is accepting comments on the proposal until January 2.