A COMMUNITY cinema seen through a shop window is being unveiled at Winsford Cross Shopping Centre.

The new attraction is part of exciting plans to regenerate the retail area.

One of the shops has been transformed into  a community cinema, showing exclusive short films to anyone walking past.

Cine-Window Winsford opens on Friday, November 29 and will screen hand-made and home-made films by artists, animators, students, community groups and amateur film makers.

The idea has been devised and developed by artist Cath Campbell, who been exploring ways in which cultural activity can be embedded in the redevelopment of the town centre.

Cath said: “I make very low-fi film, and during my time in Winsford I decided to make a new film inspired by the salt mine. I wanted to showcase my film alongside other local artistic talent, so we created an ‘open call’, ran animation workshops at the library and invited primary school children to draw snowflakes.

“This then led to the transformation of one of the empty shops on Dingle Walk to create the Cine-Window Winsford as a space to show these films.

"Two of the windows will also be a dedicated exhibition space for local artists and my hope is that once people see the space they will be inspired to be creative and get involved as the space develops in 2020.”

Winsford Guardian:

Artist Cath Campbell has been working with students and community groups to make films that celebrate Winsford

The Cine-Window will be showing seven short films that celebrate Winsford including White Gold, an animation of snowflakes drawn by 500 primary school children, Fancy Feet by Fancy Feet Dance Academy, a celebration of places and spaces in Winsford that are good to dance in and Winsford Town Park by Winsford film-maker, 32 Trolleys.

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Cath has worked with Crosshatch Gallery, Cheshire Dance and Winsford Library to produce the films. The project is supported by Cheshire West and Cheshire and Winsford Town Council.

Lisa Harris, director of place strategy at CWAC, said: “Cine Window features special and personal films about Winsford – its people, places, history and much more.

“Our lead artist Cath Campbell sent out an open invitation to local artists, groups and budding film makers to send her their videos about Winsford, filmed on a device of their choice.

"She let their imaginations run riot and this unique show is the result. It is a chance for the creators to showcase their work to the public and to reflect life in Winsford.”

The Cine-Window shop space will also house the Community Window – a space for exhibiting artwork by local artist, photographers and makers.

The display runs until January 2020.

The seven short films being shown include:

A song for Lots Wife (2019), Cath Campbell

Fancy Feet (2019), Fancy Feet Theatrical Dance

Underpass (2013) DMPC and Cheshire Dance

White Gold (2019), children from St Chads, Over Hall, Winsford High Street, St Johns. Willow Wood and Wharton Primary Schools.

Winsford Animation (2019), made by children at Winsford Library, with Sheryl Jenkins

Winsford Streets (2010), 32 Trolleys

Winsford Town Park (2018), 32 Trolleys