TWO girls who pick up litter on their way to school every morning have been hailed superstars.

Poppie Wardle, eight, and her sister Matilda, six, collect a bin bag full of rubbish every day in Winsford Town Park.

Mum Lauri, of Weaver Street, said: "They came up with the idea themselves. My amazing little girls leave half an hour earlier on their morning walk to school.

"They always fill at least one bin bag before they have to run into school."

Winsford Guardian:

Poppie and Matilda Wardle pick up litter in Winsford Town Park every morning on their way to school

The girls started their eco crusade in the summer, litter picking with their friends around Winsford and received green Blue Peter badges for their efforts.

"Poppie asked for her own litter picker as a birthday present in October," said Lauri. "They got thanked by a council worker and last week a little old lady watched them and then came over and said they were doing a fantastic job. She thanked them and very sweetly gave them £1 each.

"I am so so proud of them. They don't want any reward, they enjoy it."

Dad Keith accompanies the pair as they walk to school and then takes the rubbish home.

"They pick up bottles, crisp packets, takeaway cartons and general rubbish," said Lauri. "They love the environment and anything to do with the outdoors.

"Poppie wants to work at Chester Zoo and Matilda hopes to do something with vets or animals."

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Winsford Guardian:

Poppie and Matilda Wardle are members of the cheerleading squad at Apex

Mark Joule, headteacher at High Street Primary School, said: "These two girls were horrified to see how much litter was being left in the park each evening and wanted to do something about it.

"Now each morning on their walk to school they leave half an hour early so they can fill up their bin bags with litter. They do this for no reward and all by themselves.

"Their mum their dad are so proud of them for doing this as are we at High Street. What an example to others in our lovely town. They are superstars."