TENDERS are now being invited for the provision of free school milk for Winsford pupils for the next two years.

The current supplier Tomlinson's Dairies have gone into administration, Winsford town councillors were told at a meeting on Monday evening.

Every child in infant and nursery classes in Winsford schools receives free milk.

The mid morning drink is provided by Winsford Town Council.

Town council clerk Mark Bailey said following discussions with pupils and the community, fluoridated milk must be supplied in sustainable containers.

Children from Willow Wood Primary School held a mock council meeting at the chamber in Wyvern House as part of National Democracy Week.

In a debate, the school council raised their concerns over the use of plastic straws and cardboard cartons used to serve them fresh milk every day.

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Town mayor Cllr Ailsa Gaskill-Jones, Cllr Mike Kennedy and Cllr Don Beckett, chairman and vice chairman of the finance committee, were authorised by members to open and accept the tender that offers the council the best value.

Members of the finance committee will be asked to verify the tender chosen to supply milk from January 2020 to December 2021.