A COURAGEOUS mum who lost her battle against cancer a year ago is still helping to save lives.

Mum-of-two Mandy Parker, from Winsford, died two weeks after 300 relatives and friends made her dream come true by organising a magnificent charity ball - raising a phenomenal £32,420 for cancer research.

The 51-year-old had vowed to help scientists find an early diagnosis as she fought renal cancer for the second time.

Her bravery has inspired relatives to keep her legacy alive.

Her brother Carl Nancollas, 47, daughter Courtney, 24, and their friend Warwick Bradley completed Tough Mudder at Cholmondeley Castle and raised £500.

Winsford Guardian:

Carl Nancollas, Courtney Nancollas and Warwick Bradley after they completed Tough Mudder

Carl said: "Unfortunately nothing will bring Mandy back but we can continue her fundraising efforts to help fund research and hopefully one day rid the world of this dreadful disease.

Winsford Guardian:

Carl Nancollas, Courtney Nancollas and Warwich Bradley competed in Tough Mudder wearing t-shirts specially printed as 'Mandy's Mudders'

Mandy's name has been honoured by the hospital.

The Christie invited Mandy's husband Simon, daughter Danika, son Dalton and family and friends to a special ceremony as a brass leaf with her name engraved was added to their Tree of Hope in the garden of remembrance.

Winsford Guardian:

Simon, Dalton, Danika, family and friends present £12,472 to The Christie Hospital and £12,942 to Cancer Research UK

A commemorative coin in her name has now been placed in the coin wall.

Winsford Guardian:

Simon and Dalton beside the brass leaf engraved in honour of Mandy at the Tree of Life in the garden of remembrance at The Christie Hospital

Mandy, a housekeeper at Leighton Hospital, had her left kidney removed in October 2017 after being diagnosed with renal cancer four months earlier.

After being given the all-clear, she fell ill again and was diagnosed with papillary metastic cancer.

Winsford Guardian:

Simon, Mandy, Danika, Dalton and Nyla at a family wedding

Simon, 53, a Northwich police officer, said: "All Mandy ever wanted to do was raise awareness and help other people. There is no blood test to detect renal cancer. Mandy hoped the money she raised will help scientists find an early diagnosis so more lives can be saved.

"She was very humble and unbelievably courageous. She was very brave. She never once complained.

"It has been a tough year for us as my brother Anthony who was 51, the same age as Mandy died from bowel cancer in July."

Mandy's cousin Nicola Whalley, who owns The Rifleman pub in Winsford, has hosted several fundraising events including a race night and 24-hour darts challenge.

Winsford Guardian:

Simon and Mandy with Dalton, Danika and Nyla

"It is really difficult," said Simon. "I can't believe it's a year, it feels like 10. But Mandy made a big impact with people. She was fantastic. Our granddaughter Nyla who will be seven in December keeps asking about nanny. It is important that we keep her memory alive."

Louise Dawson, community fundraising officer at The Christie charity, said: “Our thoughts go out to Simon and all of Mandy’s family and friends at this time. It is so clear from all the donations that have been made in her memory that she was incredibly well loved.

"On behalf of the Christie I’d like to thanks Simon, her brother Carl who did a Tough Mudder event recently and all those who have supported our vital work for cancer patients at The Christie over the last year.

"Mandy is being remembered on both our Tree of Hope and on the donors' coin wall. We are so grateful for everyone’s donations. Their kind donations have been directed towards our gene and immunotherapy fund, which focuses on research and clinical trials for a number of cancers, including renal cancer.”