POLICE officers have warned Wharton residents of potential anti-social behaviour issues arising around Bonfire Night.

In a letter to residents, officers have urged residents to keep their waste and bins secure, while also helping out neighbours where necessary and keeping an eye on children.

The letter said: “Over the Halloween and Bonfire Night period there can be an increase in anti-social behaviour on the Wharton Estate.

“This behaviour is not acceptable and we are working closely with the fire service, housing association and local authorities to do all we can to try and reduce the problem.

“We are writing to explain, we cannot do this without your help.

It is important for you to dispose of any unwanted waste from your gardens and the surrounding streets – as leaving wast e around can end up being targeted. Store your bins appropriately and think about putting alock on your gates. The council/housing association will assist with this wherever possible.

Would you also consider asking your neighbours if they require any assistance.

We understand that residents want to celebrate bonfire night, however CFRS’s advice is to attend organised official bonfires. Bonfires can quickly spread out of control

“If you have any young people living at your address, it is important to be aware of what they are doing. The majority of young people on the estate cause no issues but it can be easy for them to get involved in something they may later regret.”

In recent years, flare-ups around Bonfire Night have seen firefighters attacked with bottles and fireworks, and properties vandalised.

On Bonfire Night in 2017, a vacant house on the estate was destroyed in a fire when a petrol bomb was posted through a letterbox.

Last year, when the Guardian joined Winsford firefighters ‘on the pump’ on a November Saturday night, there were no altercations.