A NEW five-year transport plan has been agreed by Cheshire East Council members, promoting sustainable travel in the borough.

The plan features actions to improve travel choices and promote a greater reliance on walking, cycling, public transport and low emission vehicles.

In doing so, it aims to protect the environment, support the economy and wellbeing, and ensure access to services.

Cllr Craig Browne, deputy leader for Cheshire East Council, said: “The local transport plan is a policy framework document – not a delivery plan.

“The plan sets the agenda for improving sustainable transport links across the borough – with priorities such as new cycleways, electric vehicle charging points, safe walking routes to school and bus rapid transit routes.

“Our intention is to bring forward proposals related to transport improvements and management measures based on detailed studies and the dynamics in each town across Cheshire East.

“Each of these town based delivery plans will be consulted on prior to any decisions, covering all aspects of local transport including parking.

“I would like to stress that no changes to current parking charges were either proposed or agreed as a result of approving this plan.”

In an earlier consultation, 56 Middlewich respondents raised issues such as busy roads, the lack of public transport and poor air quality.

Forty-seven per cent of respondents from Middlewich agreed that the transport plan addressed Middlewich concerns specifically, while 22 per cent disagreed and the remainder were unsure.

Traffic and congestion was one of the biggest concerns in the town, with commenters pointing out that roads are often congested and are inadequate for HGVs, thus extending journey times.

Respondents recognised that an eastern bypass would take traffic off road towards Sandbach, however through traffic to Winsford would still be an issue and a southern bypass was also required.

A number of roads were mentioned as concerns, including Lewin Street, Brooks Lane, Pochin Way and Booth Lane.

There were a handful of HS2 concerns raised, while 24 made requests for the Middlewich rail line to be reopened as soon as possible.