A SCHOOLGIRL was so appalled by the amount of rubbish strewn on streets she immediately decided to do a litter pick.

Josie Weir, from Winsford, filled two big bags in just 40 minutes on Sunday afternoon.

The six-year-old Wharton Primary School pupil now plans to team up with her friends and do regular litter picks.

Mum-of-three Rebecca said: "We were out walking with our puppy Ralphie and having a chat about our surrounding area.

"Josie is so passionate about nature and the environment, she was disgusted by the amount of litter.

"She asked: 'Why are people killing our world?' She asked if we could go on a litter pick which we did."

Josie, who has two older brothers Jimmy, 11, and Jack, eight, collected litter on her street in Walnut Drive and the surrounding area.

Winsford Guardian:

Josie Weir, six, filled two bags with rubbish after carrying out a litter pick near her home in Winsford

"Every weekend when her dad Michael is off work we always walk along the River Weaver," said Rebecca. "Over the last few months we have noticed much more litter and dog poo on the paths.

"Children shouldn't have to pick up litter but Josie loves creatures great and small and enjoyed all the bugs she found whilst doing it. We are very proud of her."

Josie enjoys watching her brother Jimmy play football and is a Winsford United fan.

She loves animals.

"She's got such a beautiful heart, she sees the loveliness in everything," said Rebecca. "She is learning about the habitats of animals in school and wants to work in a zoo to help save animals threatened with extinction."

Josie was praised for her efforts on social media by neighbours, friends and family.

Dad Michael said: "They say the world is ruined, well not with this little one. One of the best reasons to live life looking at this one every day. Words can't say how much we love you, Josie."

Vee Simpson added: "Well done, Josie. Told you before Becky and Michael you have beautiful, thoughtful, caring children. They are an absolute credit to you both!"

Lorna Weir said: "Just love this girl. She is a credit to you as parents. She is obviously listening to her school lessons if they are talking about the environment. Proud of you, Josie."

Karen Millington said: "You are one little star."

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Zoe Bowler added: "A few of us should get together with our kids. I know mine hate litter."

Jane Bond said: "Well done, Josie. We saw you doing a great job."

Lizzie Short said: "Bless her, that's amazing."

David Lownds added: "What a lovely young lady. Well done Josie."