Regular readers of the Dogfather Column have been asking how the rehabilitation of Olive, our tiny four-year-old rescue Chihuahua, is progressing.

As you may recall this poor little dog had been outdoors and was frightened of her own shadow. Left to her own devices she would just curl in a ball in the corner of the kitchen and hide from the world. Well no more…

Olive’s life has opened up considerably since she joined the Barlow Pack. I take her out on the lead early in the morning then Olive goes off to work with Mrs B.

This usually involves walking the beautiful gardens of Shrigley Hall where Mrs B weaves her magic.

Olive has developed quite a fan base at Shrigley and can be regularly seen travelling the grounds in a wheelbarrow. She’s becoming a confident little dog and when she’s uncertain I show her how to deal with her insecurity.

Olive’s proved to be a quick learner and has now adjusted to travelling in the car, walking on a lead, going to the vets and meeting new people and animals.

She has even won-over Carson the Cat and he takes some persuading.

All his life he’s been surrounded by Labradors so he didn’t know what to make of Olive.

She was quite aggressive to Carson at first so I had to intervene and show her what behaviour was expected of her when meeting and greeting Mr Carson.

With a few training sessions it all worked out and now Olive is a fully established member of the Pack.

It’s wonderful to see that terrified ball of fur develop into an outgoing confident little dog.

No dog should be trapped inside itself and we are now making up for Olive’s lost years.

If you see us at Teggs Nose, Shrigley Hall, or any of the other venues we visit please stop and say hello. Olive will be delighted to meet you.

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