PLANS to build a KFC fast food drive-thru restaurant, Starbucks Coffee and 46 new homes on a derelict riverside site in Winsford have come under fire from Labour councillors.

Winsford Town Council Labour Group has vowed to object to the proposal to transform the former Greedy Pig pub site on New Road because they claim the proposal goes against the town's ambitious regeneration vision.

Lane End Developments has submitted plans to construct two drive-thrus, 10 two-storey houses and 36 apartments to Chester West and Cheshire Council.

KFC will create 40 new jobs and Starbucks will recruit 20 people.

The company believes building affordable homes on a mixed use development will 'help to tackle inequality' and make Winsford 'a place where everyone can thrive'.

In a statement, the Labour Group said: "Labour councillors raised concerns about how the plans do not fit with the aspirational nature of the Neighbourhood Plan, the problems for traffic accessing the site and environmental impact of idling engines, impact on health of residents against the aims of the CWAC Local Plan (part two), economic impact on the old High Street and lack of social housing.

"We will be supporting community efforts in opposing this and feel that it undersells Winsford. The town is on the verge of huge regeneration from the plans for the publicly owned town centre and the FA development.

"Beautiful land by the river should be used to create the best mix of houses accessible to all and facilities to make the most of our river."

"The application will be considered by CWAC planning committee following intervention by CWAC Labour Cllr Gina Lewis. There will be cross party opposition from CWAC Labour and other councillors."

The plans were welcomed by some residents on social media.

Michelle Louise said: "About time! As Winsford is growing rapidly we have nothing. I was in Northwich at the weekend. I was amazed at the little bars. That social bar is brilliant with the food court inside."

Keith Andrew added: "More houses, just what's needed."

Martin Kilgallen said: "Can't wait."

Ashlea Stewart added: "This is amazing."

Other people say the town already has enough fast food restaurants.

Carl Lofthouse said: "More houses, more fast food. Just what Winsford needs, not schools, doctors, entertainment, decent restaurants or anything actually useful! Just two more fast food chains to encourage bad, lazy eating habits."

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Sam Belben added: "Seriously how many fast food joints can you stick in one small town! Why don't you help small local businesses take up opportunities in the town and get our residents to shop and socialise rather than always having to go out of town or online to do this?"

Alan Halpin said: "More fast food outlets. Haven't we got enough in Winsford?"