CARERS of relatives living with dementia have welcomed support from Winsford's MP.

Antoinette Sandbach said she was delighted to address members of the town's Dementia Cafe as her grandmother had suffered from the condition and she herself had trained as a dementia friend.

Many people are being touched by the complaint either as a sufferer or by having a friend or relative affected, she told the group.

Mrs Sandbach was invited to address the Dementia Cafe at St Andrew's Methodist Church on Friday to discuss what has happened in parliament to support carers.

The 2009 government initiative had been a positive step, she said, as it aimed to raise awareness, improve diagnosis, and increase the availability of supporting services.

This work had continued with a £66 million research boost in 2015.

Although, no cure had been discovered, Mrs Sandbach said medication was available to slow down the effects of the condition.

Brexit had diverted attention from other matters but a £2.4 million dementia fund had been awarded to the Alzheimer’s Society.

A cross party approach, she believes, is needed to set up long- erm support for social care.

Many issues were raised during a question and answer session which followed her talk.

Carers raised their concern over topics such as specialist nurses, charity funding and overall planning.

It was felt that central government should provide the lead but local authorities, having community understanding, should administer the care.

Mrs Sandbach believes that a Royal Commission was needed.

Some carers said they did not know where to go for advice as a lack of coordination meant it was difficult to navigate through different services to find the appropriate help.

The question of funding was highlighted.

Mrs Sandbach said the problem 'is not just about money but about leadership'.

Carer Deryck Petty thanked the MP for her 'illuminating' talk, especially for recognising the massive burden on carers.

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The Dementia Café meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at Winsford’s St Andrews Methodist Church.

Their next meeting is on Tuesday, October 8.

Call carer Bill Young on 07376 360203 for more information.