A PIONEERING interactive event is being held to tackle the high levels of smoking in Winsford.

A Stop Smoking Summit takes place on Thursday, October 17 at Winsford Academy and runs from 10am to 9pm, organised by Winsford GP Dr Jonathon Griffiths.

People can drop in at any time and join in conversations on various themes aimed at finding new ways to help people to quit their tobacco addiction.

Alarming numbers of adults in Winsford, including many pregnant women smoke, Mayor Cllr Ailsa Gaskill-Jones told members of Winsford Town Council on Monday evening.

"Smoking is an issue for all age groups," said Cllr Gaskill Jones. "Of the 15 doctor's surgeries in Cheshire West and Chester that have the highest number of smokers, four out of the top five are in Winsford.

"We also have the highest levels of pregnant women, an average of 30 per cent, who smoke which concerns me as a midwife.

"This event is open to everyone not just councillors and doctors. It will be open for a long time so people busy working can dip in with their ideas about how we can help people who are struggling to stop smoking."

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Cllr Mike Kennedy said: "This is going to be an exciting event. I'm one of those smokers. I am having spinal surgery shortly and my surgeon has asked me to stop smoking. He says smoking harms the recovery of anyone who has had an operation.

"I am trying to stop. I'm down to a few a day."