BROKEN glass, empty wine bottles and cider tins were found discarded by teenagers suspected of having a party in Winsford Town Park at the weekend.

Angry residents slammed irresponsible youths for putting the safety of children and pets at risk.

One dog got glass in his paw.

Alicia Maria said: "I love going to this park with my little ones. How dare someone trash it like this."

Claire Jones added: "Walked through the park last night and there were loads of teenager drinking. It was just awful."

Maria Baker Barnett said: "Disgraceful, especially when there are bins around to dispose of stuff."

Volunteers from Friends of Winsford Town Park teamed up with the groundsman to clean up the debris on Sunday morning and filled three bags with litter.

John Malam, the group's chairman, said:"It was a mixture of wine bottles smashed on the ground, plastic drinking cups and alcohol. I was alerted by the PCSOs and immediately put out a call to members of the community who responded at very short notice.

"A group of people gave up their time and did a thorough litter pick.

Winsford Guardian:

Volunteers filled three bin bags with litter left in Winsford Town Park

"It is great that young people are enjoying the park but so disappointing that a group of them are leaving it covered in litter. Families were enjoying the sun on Sunday morning and this is the wrong thing for them to find in the park.

One woman who brings her grandchildren to the park was the first to turn up.

"This is a great example of community spirit," said John. "This woman has only lived in Winsford for 12 months but loves being here.When the park needed some tender loving care, she was the first down there to do it."

Residents are now calling for CCTV to be installed.

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John supports this proposal and is also pressing Cheshire West and Chester Council to fix the lighting on the eight stack sculptures which has left the park in darkness for the past month.

"The LED lights are on a sensor and should come on at dusk," said John. "The authorities need to get a contractor in and get them fixed. When the group of young people were in the park on Saturday night they were in the dark."

The Guardian has asked CWAC for a comment about the broken lighting.