BUSHCRAFT, outdoor cooking and life skills are helping young people with neuromuscular conditions in Winsford have fun, become more independent and gain confidence.

The Neuromuscular Centre has been offering practical sessions to people over the age of 13 for several years.

Cheshire Outdoors and Cheshire Falconry brought birds of prey in last year.

Andy Lewis from Wildwood Training is now sharing his skills and knowledge.

The entire summer season of Bushcraft this year has been generously funded with a £600 donation from the FDR Foundation, part of FDR Law.

Young people enjoyed an exciting day of survival which included the construction of a mini woodland shelter and an introduction to the less typical methods of fire lighting.

Winsford Guardian:

Andy Lewis, from Wildwood Training, shows young people at the NMC Centre how to weaver dream catchers

In two further sessions, young people made dream catchers, cooked outside and completed first aid training which will result in a qualification that will be valid for three years.

Bushcraft provides the opportunity to learn new skills and to be challenged.

Claire James, NMC marketing manager, said: " It’s so important for our young community to experience what they are capable of.

"This is part of a service we offer called ‘Transition’ which is aimed at young people navigating the transition from full time education into adult life, with all the challenges that might bring for a young disabled person."

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NMC is a unique charity in Winsford that provides a range of specialist services and advice to young people and adults with muscular dystrophy and allied neuromuscular conditions.

Since opening in 1990, their community has grown to more than 3,000 people. To find out more visit nmcentre.com or call 01606 860911.