IT was love at first sight for a Winsford couple who decided to step back in time to get married.

Graham Cawley and Victoria Jenkinson, both 48, tied the knot at a Steampunk wedding.

The ceremony was held at the Salvation Army Citadel on Weaver Street, the first to be officiated by major Dawn Lacey.

Winsford Guardian:

Graham Cawley and Victoria Jenkinson tied the knot at a Steampunk wedding Picture: Donna Maria Long

"Victoria wore a red satin off the shoulder ball gown, over a black lace shorter gown with a three metre veil," said former town councillor Graham.

"I wore a top hat and formal shirt with wing collars. It all looked old fashioned and Victorian.

"We both love Steampunk. Victoria was named after the Queen and loves flowy dresses."

Victoria's granddaughter Summer Daniels, eight, was a bridesmaid.

Winsford Guardian:

Victoria and Graham with granddaughter and bridesmaid Summer Daniels Picture: Donna Maria Long

The pair met by chance and exchanged wedding vows exactly a year after their first date.

Winsford born musician Graham, who teaches the ukulele, was being given a lift to his class by Victoria's parents David and Iris Jenkinson, two of his pupils.

"Victoria had an accident with her hand and wasn't able to look after herself properly so she moved back home," said Graham. "She was in the back of the car and we connected and clicked instantly. It was love at first sight, something I never believed in until now.

Winsford Guardian:

'It was love at first sight' Picture: Donna Maria Long

"We share a number of things in common.

"She works for Volvo selling trucks and has a HGV licence. I used to do the same thing with cars.

"We both have a fascination with Marvel, Iron Man and the Hulk. Victoria has all the Marvel figurines she has collected in her office.

"Victoria used to do Olympic cap shooting. I organise community nerf blaster events for children.

Winsford Guardian:

Graham and Victoria cut the cake in Steampunk style Picture: Donna Maria Long

Victoria's family lived three doors away from Graham's parents Joyce and Alf.

"I've known my mother in law and father in law longer than my wife," said Graham. "I've been teaching them to play the ukulele for four years.

Winsford Guardian:

Graham and Victoria 'connected and clicked instantly' Picture Donna Maria Long

"Victoria and I were born 13 days apart," added Graham. "We met on July 13 last year and got married on July 13 this year. 13 seems to be our lucky number."

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Graham, who has a degree in performing arts, spent 10 years in the theatre and worked in the West End

The self taught musician also plays many stringed instruments ranging from the guitar, bass, mandolin and double bass to the mandocello and autoharp, an instrument in the zither family.

Students from his ukulele class at the Electric Church formed a guard of honour as the couple stepped out as husband and wife.

Winsford Guardian:

Students from Graham's ukulele class formed a guard of honour Picture: Donna Maria Long

"We are just perfectly matched in every shape and form," added Graham.