BUDDING young thespians are embarking on an exciting project with the Royal Shakepeare Company.

Pea Pod Drama School in Winsford has teamed up with esteemed professionals who perform plays by Shakespeare, his contemporaries and today's writers in Stratford-upon-Avon, London and on tour.

The independent drama school in the town centre was founded by two professional actors five years ago.

Amelia Sefton, 27, and Richard Oliver, 44, have appeared in TV and film and are now running classes for children aged six to 16.

Amelia said: "We are going to be collaborating with the Royal Shakespeare Company's senior voice and text associate, working towards upcoming projects using our youth theatre and our adult actors!

"So we are extremely excited for future possibilities and projects for our independent theatre company to have connections with the RSC."

Winsford Guardian:

Budding young thespians have the chance to audition for TV, film, theatre and radio

Youngsters will also have audition opportunities in TV, film, theatre, radio and learning how to record voice overs.

Amelia has been acting and performing since she was seven.

After training with a local youth theatre she made her TV debut in ITV's Emmerdale and has led drama classes and workshops for primary school pupils.

One young student at Pea Pod Drama School, Amelia Dezilwa, seven, has already made her film debut in Retrograde, a movie which Amelia was stars in.

Winsford Guardian:

Pea Pod Drama School student Amelia Dezilwa, seven, makes her film debut in Retrograde

Amelia said: "I was playing the mother and student Amelia Dezilwa auditioned to play my daughter and got the part! Retrograde is looking to go to film festivals but not sure when yet."

Award-winning drama school director Oliver performed in Courage of One's Conviction at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London.

"It was a fantastic show supported by his good friend Sylvester McCoy who popped out to watch him in action," said Amelia.

Scottish actor Sylvester played the seventh incarnation of Dr Who in the long running science fiction TV series.

Winsford Guardian:

Students from Pea Pod Drama performing an imaginative drama about the impact of technology, the Mobile Phone Show

Classes are now open for children keen to follow in the footsteps of famous actors.

"We are working towards our autumn/Christmas production of the Wizard of Oz," said Amelia. "This will be an enchanting family musical which we all know and love, filled with vivid production and have our own spin on it.

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"We will also be working on our Shakespeare project in between rehearsals."

Classes are held every Saturday from 10am to 2.30pm.

Visit peapoddrama.co.uk for details.