MORE than 80 driving offences were committed by heavy goods vehicle drivers during a two-week road safety operation.

From July 7 to July 17, officers from the North West Regional Commercial Vehicle Unit dealt with 72 drivers for various offences including driving while using a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt and parking on the hard shoulder.

In total 87 offences from 69 lorry drivers were detected during the operation as officers patrolled the motorway.

These offences included 10 drivers found to be using a mobile phone, 23 drivers found not to be in proper control of the vehicle, 36 driving without wearing a seatbelt, two who were found parking on the hard shoulder and 16 various other offences.

Officers used an unmarked heavy goods vehicle supplied by Highways England to gather video evidence and monitor driver behaviour.

PC Chris Buckley, of the North West Commercial Vehicle Unit, said: “While this was a successful operation it is disappointing that some lorry drivers are still committing driving offences.

“Lorry drivers should know that the law is in place to ensure the safety of not only themselves but other road users too.

“I hope drivers will see this operation as a warning and that officers up and down the country may be patrolling in an unmarked HGV and monitoring your driver behaviour.”