Renovations to the Brunner Mond War Memorial have now been completed thanks to a big fundraising effort by the community.

The garden and monument had been left to ‘suffer’ in the weather causing the names to become faded but businesses and community groups came together to help raise funds for a new garden and repair work to the memorial.

The tribute was built after the First World War to commemorate the Brunner Mond employees who died on the battlefield.

Kerry Kirwan, heritage development officer, said that the Heritage Trust had been working on the Middlewich and the Great War Project since 2013 with the aim of paying respect to those from the town who gave their lives during the conflict.

Kerry said: “The Brooks Lane memorial was left to suffer in the weather, the stone was blackened, the names faded and the stone needed repairs.

“The community back in 2014 also felt that the memorial should be saved and a new garden to replace the old which has long since gone.”

The heritage trust held an event over two days in 2014 involving 26 organisations and schools with each researching and presenting their findings about the town.

The trust hosted exhibitions, workshops, commemoration events, started webpages for schools and a mew archive collection with the aim of finishing the memorial to the community of 100 years ago.

The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Tesco, Jacks, Pochins, War Memorials Trust, Middlewich Town Council and Middlewich and District Round Table.

It was supported by the Middlewich Branch of the Royal British Legion, Middlewich Community Church and Middlewich Women’s Institute.

Pupils from Cledford Primary School and Wimboldsley Primary School for made poppies tiles for the garden.

Kerry said: “A big thank you to all volunteers over the project period especially those who helped with the research and hard work putting the garden in, and for the community support we’ve received for this project.”

The garden was designed by Karen Calnon and was completed with the help of a group of volunteers.

The renovations were officially unveiled to the public after a parade on Saturday, July 20.