THREE Labour town councillors will sit on the Middlewich cemetery board from next month as an inquiry into alleged activity at the site goes on.

Middlewich Town Council is currently welcoming emails from residents who want to discuss incidents that have allegedly taken place at the cemetery – before a report is eventually handed over to the Government for further investigation.

It follows discussion at last month’s council meeting, where no details of the incidents involved were discussed, but both councillors and residents spoke about allegations made on Facebook in 2016.

Five town councillors were also chosen to sit on the cemetery board last month, but following discussions between the council and the board it has been agreed that just Cllr Sean Boyle, Cllr Helen Watkinson and Cllr Russell Watkinson will sit on the board from August 6.

Cllr Jonathan Parry, Labour, said: “It is important that we get as much information as possible. We are putting a case together and we are going to refer it to the relevant Government department to look into.

“There have been some serious allegations. At the moment they are only allegations, we need to get to the bottom of it.”

The issue is set to be discussed at each monthly full town council meeting going forwards.

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“It is a really important thing that we need to sort and put public trust back into our cemetery,” added Cllr Mike Hunter, Labour.

Information can be passed onto the inquiry, anonymously or otherwise, by emailing