CHILDREN devastated when their community garden was wrecked are now overjoyed after residents and businesses have rallied round to restore their little oasis.

Pupils in the Kaleidoscope class at Darnhall Primary School in Winsford had spent weeks creating their own oasis in the grounds of their school on Sandyhill Road.

David Kindon, from the school's special educational needs and disabilities department, said: "The children were devastated. Our resourced provision children had planted their own flowers in pots, added lighting and other decorations as part of an improvement project."

The children wrote about how upset they felt and drew pictures to capture the damage.

Winsford Guardian:

Harry Carter, a pupil at Darnhall Community Primary School with one of the flower pots

One child said: "The community garden is special because gardening is fun. I was depressed when our plants were destroyed."

Another pupil added: "I love the community garden. It is special for everyone. It is awesome. I was furious when it was ruined."

One boy said: "When it got destroyed I felt sad. It was not theirs to destroy."

Another pupils said: "The community garden is special to me because I like growing plants and cutting weeds. I was upset because my friends were sad."

The communal garden borders the school field and the Muir Glebe housing estate.

When parents and residents found out about the damage, they swung into action.

Headteacher Sarah Tomlinson said: "The response from the local community on hearing the news has been magnificent. Asda, parents and local community members have offered their help and support with donations, fundraising and giving us items for the garden."

Winsford Guardian:

Ben Cole, a pupil at Darnhall Primary School plants one of the flowers

Staff at Asda on The Drumber raised money from customers at their checkouts and donated new pots, gnomes and plants.

Other charities came to the rescue with further help.

A special celebration was held at the school on Thursday to thank everyone for their support.

The police, Asda, Muir Housing and local residents were invited to see the garden's amazing transformation.

Children from Hebden Green School and The Grange Community Primary School came along to show how much they care about their fellow pupils.

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Mrs Tomlinson said: "The community spirit has filled our children with so much hope and encouraged them not to give up their efforts in improving the community garden despite how upset they have been by the malicious act of the vandals.

"As a school we have an incredibly caring ethos and our school values promote respect and they found it hard to understand why anyone would destroy something so lovely."