A PLANNING application for a new bungalow in Chester Road has been withdrawn.

The proposal was planned for Riverdale, in Chester Road, and included the building a the house, garage and work to access the site.

The applicant said in a planning statement : “The proposal is for one house to be erected in the garden of Riverdale.

“The garden is large and there would be no problem accommodating two houses with large gardens within the curtilage.”

Middlewich Town Council objected to the plans due to there not being a flood risk assessment or an arboricultural assessment on the site.

The bungalow was originally designed in January 2002 for the present owner of Riverdale.

The applicant, in a planning statement, said: “The proposed house has been designed to fit easily into its landscape and make a minimal impact on the environment.

“It was felt appropriate that it should reflect the general character and existing appearance of the Riverdale house and to that end, roofing and walls are to be of the same matching materials.”

The application was withdrawn on Friday, July 5.