GIFTED children have amazed their parents and teachers with their extraordinary skills.

Pupils at Over Hall Community School in Winsford staged their a fun-packed talent show.

And two boys even stepped into the shoes of TV's Ant and Dec to bring their very own spin on Britain's Got Talent to life.

The entire school was invited to audition for the show early last month and 120 signed up to have a go.

Some performers doing similar things were teamed up and eventually almost 30 acts were chosen.

More than 60 children and some whole classes were thrilled to get the chance to showcase their talent.

The variety show which included pupils from every class was staged twice in front of a packed audience of mums and dads.

Children demonstrated an amazing array of talent from singing and dancing to telling jokes, boxing, football skills and playing musical instruments.

Basket ball and hoola hoop tricks were also performed.

School Council lead Laura Siwinski said: "It was good fun, the children really enjoyed it.

"We wanted to do something different in place of a summer fair. The School Council has been asking for a talent show for two years and organised the event.

"We had our own Ant and Dec who were suited and booted. There were synchronised swimmers and one boy who completed a Rubik's Cube puzzle in 19 seconds!

"It was a mix of hobbies and talents the children have learnt at school and achieved at home. We wanted to celebrate the things the children can do and our differences. There were no judges, we just let them perform."

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Everyone received a certificate and prize.

Each class donated a themed picnic for a raffle prize to help raise school funds and parents bought tickets for the show.