EXCITED children stepped back in time to discover what life was like as a Roman soldier.

Pupils from St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Winsford visited the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester.

Tour guides told the youngsters all about Roman military equipment, strange medical practices and described their diet.

Winsford Guardian:

Year 3 and 4 pupils at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Winsford wore replicas of armour to experience life as a Roman soldier

Year 3 teacher Jake Ellam said: "The children were given the opportunity to visit a live archaeological dig, to compare the different time periods from Roman times to the modern day

"Getting to investigate Roman artefacts and wear replicas of armour, create model Roman bath houses and fire a scaled down Roman catapult lent a hands on aspect to the children's learning.

Winsford Guardian:

The children were fascinated to try on various pieces of Roman military equipment

"Everybody's favourite part of the day was the Roman soldier patrol, where children played the part of new recruits and donned their shields to patrol the streets of Chester - visiting the Roman walls and the amphitheatre."

Exploring and using the different military formations used by Roman legions, the children battled the vicious Celts.

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Pupils acted as spectators for a gladiator fight between two of their teachers - albeit with foam sticks - and held the loser's life in their hands, as they voted whether to let them live or not!

"Marching through the streets of Chester, chanting Roman marching songs was a fantastic way to finish an extremely fun and busy day of learning," added Mr Ellam.