WHEN it comes to reading and writing, children in Winsford are top of the class!

Primary School pupils competed in a spelling bee competition at Winsford Academy last night and astounded teachers with their ability to tackle the trickiest words.

Winsford Guardian:

Champion spellers from St Chad's CE Primary School who achieved success in the spelling bee competition

Children were challenged to spell a broad selection of words with a varying degree of difficulty.Winsford Guardian:

Spelling champion Oliver Mowat, a year 6 pupil at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School who won with the word 'onomatopoeia'

Pupils in years 3, 5 and 6 at St Chad's CE Primary and Nursery demonstrated incredible skills.

A teacher at the school said: "You were amazing. Teachers were very impressed as you all had some very tricky words to spell! A huge well done to Holly for winning the year 5 competition. You are all a credit to our school!"

Children from St Joseph's Catholic Primary School also achieved success.

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Headteacher Martine Gum said: "Well done to the team who represented the school at the Winsford Academy spelling bee.

"There were some tricky words! Congratulations to our year 6 champion Oliver Mowat who won with the word 'onomatopoeia'. Excellent!"

Children at Over St John's Church of England Primary School were also celebrating after winning the year 3 round.