Sometimes it's difficult to get 11 people in straight line for a picture - never mind 11 dogs!

This handsome bunch belong to Roger Westwood and Zoe Barker who took this picture during a walk in Delamere.

Roger, 47, from Winsford, who is a member of the Guardian Camera Club, said: "I posted this picture on the Facebook page because I thought it was a bit different. Chrystal, far left, is my Labrador. She won a competition on Instagram to do modelling for Barbour.

"Two years ago I set up the Facebook group Dog Walks in Cheshire as there wasn't anything else like it at the time. I thought maybe 30-odd people might get involved but the page has 4,400 likes! It's now more of a community where dog owners can share ideas and advice."

It was through Roger's Facebook group that he became good friends with Zoe, a mum-of-two from Winsford who is the proud owner of the other 10 dogs.

Zoe said: "Most of my dogs are rescued. Two of them were kept in a shed for months, one was rescued from an illegal puppy farm in Ireland, one was no good for hunting so the owner gave him up. They all have different stories."


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But while Zoe has helped them, the 25-year-old says they have helped her even more.

"I suffer from anxiety and depression and they really help me with that," she said. "They give me a reason to go out. I'm active because of them. Sometimes we can walk for two or three hours and they can burn off lots of energy."

Logistically Zoe has to be careful how many of her pets she walks at one time because of dog control orders in Cheshire West which limits the number to six per person.

"The order doesn't apply to private land but if we're on public land Roger comes with me and we walk them all together," said Zoe.

"All the dogs get on well. It's all about getting the energy balance right between them all. They know when it's time to relax and when to play. When we're at home I devise brain games for them to stimulate them. They know that I am the boss.

"It was easy getting them to all stand in a line for the picture. They're very well behaved. I've had dogs all of my life and find it easy looking after them."

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