FRESH Start for Hens are looking to rehome 5,700 hens on June 22 and the hens can be collected from Crewe.

The charity is helping Macs Farm in Sussex to relocate its hens because in the current farmers market their eggs are not selling as well as they should.

FSFH ask for a minimum donation of £2.50 per hen to cover costs of fuel, feed and expenses in rehoming.

Sarah Thornton, from FSFH said: “The hens are collected from the farms by a team of volunteers early in the morning. They are then driven to collection points throughout the UK and rehomed the same day, these collection points are also run by volunteers.”

Sarah added: “They ask for pictures of your chicken coop, run and free-range area so that they know they are going to good retirement homes.”

For more information visit the website and visit the Facebook page to find out about collection points.