CHESHIRE Police says there is insufficient evidence to bring about charges following the death of fox killed in November.

A fox was killed while a hunt was taking place in Church Minshull, between Middlewich and Nantwich.

A Cheshire Police spokesman said: "In November 2018, an investigation was launched into the death of a fox killed while a hunt was taking place in Church Minshull.

"During this investigation detectives have gathered video evidence and interviewed a number of people present or with relevant information.

"Early investigative advice was also sought from the Crown Prosecution Service due the complexity of the case.

"As a result, the investigation team have concluded there is insufficient evidence that the incident amounted to deliberate and intentional hunting, as required by the Hunting Act 2004 and no further action will be taken.

"All parties involved have been informed of the outcome.

"The Constabulary is still actively investigating a number of other incidents from the last hunting season and we are grateful to all those who continue to work with and support us.

"We reiterate our commitment that where allegations of unlawful activity are made, they will be fully investigated."