A WRITER inspired by his great passion for history and photography has published his latest book.

Paul Hurley, 72, began his writing career in 2003.

Mr Hurley said: “It’s a general passion for history that started my writing.

“It keeps the brain going.”

Currently living in Winsford, Paul has written 29 books so far, and is a regular contributor to the Yesteryears page in the Guardian.

He has also penned several short stories.

He took up writing after leaving the police force in 2002 following 20 years of service.

Previously, Paul who is married to Rose and has four children, had served 11 years in the Royal Navy, seeing active service in Borneo.

Mr Hurley said: “My latest book was released this week. It was written in conjunction with Historic England and is titled simply ‘Cheshire’.”

‘Cheshire’ has been published by Amberley Publishing, and features historical and modern photographs of various towns and cities in the county including Macclesfield, Chester, Warrington, Runcorn and Crewe.

After writing his first book in 2003, Paul stumbled across a published version in London while visiting WHSmiths.

Paul who also likes walking, cycling and holidays added: “I have an archive of my own featuring various historical photographs.

“I also have a friend who has an extensive collection which really helps.

“I take all the coloured photographs myself and have donated them to the Chester archives.

“It’s a shame to waste them so I make use of them.

“I do all of my own research. It’s not too difficult to do, not when you are good at doing it.”

Paul is a freelance writer and is a member of the Society of Authors.

He is currently working on his next book entitled, ‘An A to Z of Crewe’ for Amberley publishers.

For more information go to http://www.paul-hurley.co.uk/index.php.