MOTORWAY police officers proved they weren't napping on the job after spotting this car struggling with their load on the M56.

Officers said they had to 'spring' into action on Wednesday morning after this mattress nearly slipped from the roof of the car.

A spokesman added: "There was no time for lazing on the job this morning on the M56.

"They sprung into action after sighting this vehicle almost losing its cargo after it became insecure.

"The driver has been issued a TOR and the vehicle was escorted to a safe location to re-secure and put the matter to bed."

A TOR (Traffic Offence Report) will mean a fine and potentially points on the driver's licence.

But while it was bad news for this motorist, many others on social media tried to see the funny side to this dangerous driving.

One comment added: "He won’t forget that in a hurry, it’s memory foam."

While another added: "Absolute bedlam if that had fallen off the roof."