AN angler is encouraging his grandchildren to care for the environment and take up fishing.

Stewart Noden, from Winsford, says he is keen to entice more children away from playing with computers in their bedrooms.

The 63-year-old looks after Wyvern pool as a water bailiff for Winsford and District Anglers.

His granddaughter Rebecca Howe, seven, and grandson Jayden Hunt, 11, often accompany him to the town centre beauty spot to pick up litter and follow in his footsteps.

Winsford Guardian:

Jayden Hunt, 11, picks up litter around Wyvern pool with his grandad Stewart Noden

"They both like coming fishing with me," said Stewart. "I think it's such a shame that some youngsters spend their childhood on their X-box when they could be out in the fresh air.

"I would like to encourage other kids in the town to become interested in fishing and looking after the environment."

Winsford Guardian:

Rebecca Howe, seven, loves going fishing with her granddad Stewart Noden

Rebecca, a pupil at Wharton Primary, and her cousin Jayden, who attends High Street Primary, often help to pick up rubbish and plastic around the pool.

"I'm very proud of both of them," said Stewart. "I explain to them that just because they haven't dropped the litter doesn't mean they don't have to pick it up."

Winsford Guardian:

Jayden Hunt, 11, has been inspired to start fishing by his grandad Stewart Noden

Wyvern Pool beside Wyvern House is a fishing pool specially created to encourage young people to take up the sport.

"We will be holding another open day in the summer holidays," added Stewart. "Experienced anglers from the club will be down there to let children have a go at fishing. Fishing equipment will be available for them to loan on the day."

Details of the open day will be announced in the coming months.