DEAD pheasants have been dumped at a Winsford beauty spot.

Bin bags full of dead gamebirds were discovered yesterday morning on a car park near Rilshaw Meadows by a man walking his dog.

The 70-year-old, from Winsford, said: "It is a disgrace. There were at least 20 dead pheasants, male and female in black plastic bags that had been ripped open, probably by foxes, badgers or crows.

Winsford Guardian:

Bin bags containing at least 20 dead pheasants have been found dumped on a car park near Rilshaw Meadows

"It is breeding time. Why kill these birds for no reason and dump them in a public place? It's pointless, I just can't understand it."

The man reported the fly tipping to the police.

Dead pheasants and Canada Geese were found dumped in woodland on The Weaver Parkway earlier this year in two separate incidents.

A spokesman for Cheshire West and Cheshire Council said: "We can confirm that bin bags containing dead pheasants were discovered in the car park off Rilshaw Lane.

Winsford Guardian:

The incident has been reported to the police as it is the closed season for pheasant shooting

"This land is currently owned by Winsford Town Council and they arranged for the birds to be removed. As we are now well into closed season for pheasant shooting, the incident has been reported to Cheshire Constabulary.

"Where residents encounter similar incidents, we ask that they report it to our StreetCare team with as much information as possible through our website advise residents not to handle waste whenever they come across an incident of fly tipping."