A RECRUITMENT consultant has become a 'poacher turned gamekeeper' to help people discover their perfect job.

Damian Huggins has worked in sales for more than 30 years.

The 56-year-old joined Bralin Recruitment in Winsford two months ago and is hoping to use his expertise to link companies and candidates with their perfect match.

Damian, from Winsford, said: "My years of field sales experience are now being put to use as a specialist sales recruiter to help employers find the right candidate for their sales role.

"I also help candidates find the right employer by using my own experience as a candidate in the past. I am a poacher turned gamekeeper."

Initially, after spending eight years working as a civilian for Merseyside Police fingerprint department, he realised he wanted to get out on the road.

"I wanted to be out and about and more my own boss so I got into sales," said Damian, who is married with a son and two step-daughters.

A pharmaceutical company provided his initial training as he started selling prescription drugs and medicines.

His career progressed as he moved into corporate clothing, selling body armour stab vests, uniforms and police casual fleeces and polo shirts.

For the past 11 years, he has worked in merchant services, selling chip and pin machines and online payment solutions to retailers.

Winsford Guardian:

Damian Huggins, 56, has more than 30 years of field sales experience

Common threads running through his various selling jobs, he said, were communication skills.

"My belief comes down to having a positive mental attitude and determination," said Damian. "Getting people to know you, like you and trust you. I treat people how I like to be treated myself.

"The most important thing is honesty and authenticity, you've got to be yourself."

Damian says he enjoys working with people and can relate to anyone who has lost a job or is seeking a new career.

"My experience comes to the fore," he said. "On an emotional level, I have been made redundant in the past so I know where they are coming from. I can work really closely with people and steer them in the right direction."

Employers are being offered the chance to get to know each other better.

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A free business networking event is being held from 8am to 10am on Wednesday, June 5 at Bralin on Road Two at Winsford Industrial Estate.

"This is purely aimed at helping local businesses gain exposure for themselves and encourage them to do business with their local community," added Damian. "I have done a lot of networking in the past. This is a chance for businesses to come along, meet their neighbours and pass leads to each other."

Firms can just turn up, there is no need to book.