TWO primary school girls have been praised for taking matters into their own hands and clearing a Moss Drive Park of litter.

Cousins Olivia Broad, 10, and Leah Stanway, 9, from Cledford Primary School were playing in the play area when a neighbour spoke to the two girls about the amount of the rubbish on the playground.

The two school pupils then cleared all the litter from the area and they have since received a lot of praise by the community for their efforts.

Ann Broad, Olivia’s mum, said: “The two girls were just playing on the park when our neighbour came out to speak to them about the amount of rubbish on the park.

“He asked if they would help clear it if he gave them a bin bag to collect the rubbish and they were both more than happy to help.

“I think they must have been on the field for about 30 minutes clearing away all the litter.

“Since they cleared it the first time they have actually been back there to clean the play area again.

The two cousins have been overwhelmed by the response of the community to their efforts and many have praised the pride the two girls have shown in Middlewich.

Ann said: “The community has really backed them since the post was put up on Facebook, there were was a lot of really positive feedback.

“They have had so many lovely comments from people they know and some from strangers and they are both absolutely delighted about it.

“There is a lot of negative things said about young people at the moment so it is really nice to see something more positive happen in the town and we’re really proud of them.”

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