WINSFORD Town Mayor has marked the end of her year in office by celebrating the town's history and heritage.

Gina Lewis has revived the ancient custom of 'Beating the Bounds'.

Villagers and church officials used walk the boundaries of the parish to share knowledge of the area and pray for protection and blessings on the land.

The custom was carried out at a time when maps did not exist to set the boundaries for future generations.

Cllr Lewis made the historic trek on Bank Holiday Monday May 6 to raise funds for her two charities, the Royal British Legion and the Alzheimer's Society.

The 75-year-old completed 34,000 steps, a distance of 14.7 miles.

Setting off from the Marina at 10am, she started the walk on her own and was joined by her husband and consort Denis, 81, who has Alzheimer's, after lunch to complete the Over section of the route.

"I had a very wet start in Wharton and crossed some very muddy footpaths" said Cllr Lewis. "It was quite hard but the scenery was beautiful.

"We are so fortunate in Winsford to have some stunning walks so close to town. I don't think people realise how much lovely countryside we have.

"Looking down at the Flashes as the sun was on the trees and fields at around 5pm, it was gorgeous. I was quite impressed by the views from that side of the river."

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