CANDIDATES standing in the European Parliament elections later this month will be explaining what they stand for at a hustings event in Chester.

The event, organised by the Weaver Vale, Eddisbury and Chester 'For Europe' groups, will take place at the Firs School from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday, May 11.

Confirmed candidates are Dan Price (Change UK), Jessica Northey (Green Party), Julie Ward (Labour), Chris Davies (Liberal Democrats) and Sophie Larroque (UK European Union Party).

An invitation has been sent to the Conservative Party.

Candidates will be offered the opportunity to present their ideas and party manifestos ahead of the May 23 elections.

Following an introduction to the event, the hosts will give a brief presentation on the structure of the EU Parliament and the voting process.

Then, each candidate will be able to give a short speech on their electoral campaign. Candidates will be encouraged to explain their position on Brexit and whether they support a people's vote.

The bulk of the event will be a Q&A session, similar to the format of the BBC’s Question Time, where both the hosts and the audience will be able to ask relevant questions to the prospective MEPs.

Noel McGlinchey, chairman of Chester for Europe, said: "At too many European elections in the past very low turn-outs have allowed extreme parties to win a large percentage of the vote.

"This year, residents are determined to vote. They are determined to vote for mainstream parties to resist the rise of extreme right-wing groups such as The Brexit Party.

"Residents also want to vote to demand a say on the final Brexit deal through a People’s Vote."

Tickets are free of charge, but must be booked on