WHILE the Tories and Labour go toe-to-toe in the battle for votes, a raft of independent candidates are keen to make their mark.

Cheshire West and Chester Council currently has two independent members, and there are nine more candidates hoping to join them from May 2.

Gillian Edwards is the indepedent candidate for Weaver and Cuddington – and the only woman in the running for the ward.

She has lived in the ward all her life, has been narrowly defeated in two past elections, and has served as a Weaverham parish councillor for 12 years.

Gillian, who is promising to support local businesses and organisations, said: “I feel that your local councillors should not be aligned to political parties as I have seen all too often the divisions and mudslinging that this causes.

Winsford Guardian:

“You only need to look at the literature that you have received on the lead up to this election, the main parties playing the blame game with each other. This constant bickering reduces improvements to your village which should be the priority for your councillor.

“Your councillor should be local, living in your ward and there for you – part of your community all the time, not just at election time.

“Whatever the result, I will continue to do what I do for the benefit of the community and I can be content that I have delivered as best a campaign as I can with honesty and integrity – with my limited resources and no party machine behind me.”

Gillian’s message is shared by Phil Herbert and Martin Loftus, who are standing as independents in Hartford and Greenbank.

“People that don’t live in the ward are only standing for their party or themselves rather than the people they are claiming to represent,” Martin said.

Winsford Guardian:

“Conservatives, Labour and other party members are obliged to follow the party line – which could go against the best interests of Hartford and Greenbank.

“If elected we would work with the parish council and Northwich Town Council, and support whichever party whose ideas are right for our ward.”

Meanwhile, there are also four UKIP candidates across the borough hoping to win votes on May 2, and one member of the For Britain Movement.

All eyes will be on which way the electorate votes on Thursday, May 2, with Labour currently having 38 members to the Conservatives’ 35, while there are two independent members.

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Labour and the Tories are putting candidates forward in every CWAC ward – while a raft of independent, Liberal Democrat and Green Party candidates are also hoping to shake-up the local authority.

The election will also be the first since CWAC’s electoral wards were changed, which could also play a part in changing the council’s make-up.

There will be five fewer councillors – 70 down from 75 – and 45 wards in total, with all but three having changed from the current wards, and one being removed.

For more information visit cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/election2019

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