INCENSED residents across Winsford say they are exasperated over problems with their postal delivery.

Letters and parcels have been arriving late - Royal Mail has blamed 'unusually high levels of sick absence'.

Some people anxiously waiting for test results and hospital appointments have been left feeling worried as they say the service has been so sporadic.

Residents living on St George's Road are fed up complaining after months of late deliveries.

Emma Dunning, who has lived on this street for seven years, had to call the sorting office after two tracked deliveries failed to arrive on time.

The sales account manager said: "My husband was waiting for insulin that he had ordered online from pharmacy. It was tracked and he received an email to say it was due but it didn't come.

"When I rang the sorting office I spoke to a man who said he was the interim manager. He apologised and personally brought it round that afternoon."

When a poster photograph she was expecting was not delivered, she had to complain again.

"I was told they were very short staffed," said Emma. "I really feel for the staff, it's not their fault. They are all really helpful and friendly but it's the people higher up who should start hiring staff.

"I was told they don't have a post person assigned for St George's Road. They just come down here when they can. Our post is very sporadic.

"Companies are sending parcels in good faith to be delivered within 24-48 hours and they turn up two or three days later. Royal Mail is not providing a reliable service."

One person waiting for important mortgage documents received no post for three days. The paperwork was eventually delivered late.

Another woman said: "People rely on the post for all sorts of important letters, job interviews, appointments and bills. We have no guarantee that our letters are going to arrive on time. It's not good enough."

A Royal Mail spokesman said:"Royal Mail is aware that customers have been experiencing differing delivery times in the Winsford area recently. This has been due to unusually high levels of sick absence.

"We have implemented contingency plans, including drafting in extra resource and employing new staff, to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Our focus is to restore our service to the high standards our customers would normally receive.”