CANDIDATES have been confirmed for both Middlewich wards ahead of the town council elections early next month.

On Thursday, May 2 residents will vote for the candidates they want to represent them for the next four years.

The candidates for the Cledford ward are:

Amy Louise-Edwards MF, Paul John Edwards CON, Pauline Hickey LAB, Mike Hunter LAB, Simon Nicholas McGory MF, Jonathan Parry LAB, John Michael Parsons MF, Rachel Pendleton LAB, William Walmsley MF, Helen Watkinson LAB and Russell Watkinson LAB.

The candidates for the Kinderton ward are:

Claire Armstrong MF, Sean Boyle LAB, Carol Bulman LAB, Victoria Dominguez-Perez LAB, Jean Eaton MF, Sonya Edwards IND, Pam Farrell MF, Chris Jones LAB, David Latham IND, Bernice Walmsley MF and Gareth Williams LAB.