MIDDLEWICH High School pupils took part in the national tenner challenge this month and the results from the young entrepreneurs are in.

The challenge is a National Enterprise Challenge, where students were pledged £10 and then they had four weeks to set up a student company and decide on what product or service they will sell.

The winning team consisted of Jack Sharratt, Eddie Shenton, Tom Wyatt and Kieran McDonough and they organised a dodgeball charity event involving teachers in the school.

Jack Sharratt said: “We have raised a grand total of £55.23 and We are giving it all to Macmillan cancer research. Our reward was a Domino's lunch, bought by Mr Taylor."

Students had to work as a team to obtain as much profit from their product or service as possible.

They decided how to spend the money, and at the end of the challenge they had to pay back their £10 plus a £1 legacy contribution.

The winners are chosen from categories such as most profitable business, best team, most inspiring individual in a team or working on their own, best community impact and best in sustainability.

Skye Walkden-McNab and Ellie Stubbs were runners up in the challenge.

They sold cakes as their enterprise and they raised £40 for St Luke’s Hospice.