A RETIRED police inspector has nothing but praise for the support he is receiving from St Luke's Day Hospice in Winsford.

Terry Oates was given the devastating news that he has terminal cancer last year.

“I’ll never forget the date, September 17th," said Terry, from Cuddington in Northwich."The consultant told me I’ve got six to 12 months to live. It was a huge shock for me and my family.”

Terry now attends Day Hospice one day a week where he receives emotional support, symptom management advice, pain management and complementary therapies such as reflexology.

His wife Janet also receives support as his carer.

“I was very open minded about coming to the hospice and just thought I would come and see what it was all about," said Terry. "What I have found is that the work undertaken by the hospice is beyond excellent.

“The thing that has struck me most is the willingness of the staff to take ownership of my problems. For example checking on the volume of medication I am being prescribed, do I still need to take all these tablets? Why have I got sores on my leg? How do I get rid of them?

"No subject is taboo and not to be approached or spoken about. They also talk about end of life care which in itself is very challenging but helps to ease the burden for the whole family.

"The nurses make time for everyone and that is really special.”

Terry has particularly enjoyed taking part in art sessions and has produced a beautiful watercolour painting.

Terry added: "The art is a distraction, it takes me away from my problems and gives me something else to focus on. My family think it's wonderful and it's a nice memento for them to keep."