A RENEWABLE energy firm based in Middlewich joined in the celebrations for International Women’s Day and is encouraging the community to make an environmentally friendly change.

International Women’s day is over a century old and continues to grow yearly with the significant contributions made by woman across of sectors of business, finance, science and technology at the forefront

The national head office of Hero Renewables has been located in Holmes Chapel Road since 2015 and the company is hoping to be market leaders in renewable energy.

Jill Oldham, managing director, said: “We are fortunate in the United Kingdom that gender disparity is slowly and surely becoming a thing of the past, however until it’s been completely eradicated, we must continue to shout from where ever we are.

“Ability is what matters in 2019. International woman’s day is about inspiring the next generation of women, and showing them, there is no glass ceiling. Stand up, take part and become a voice for change. In my eyes every woman is a hero.”