A MIDDLEWICH woman has shared her story in a book written for girls of the future to mark International Women's Day.

'The Woman I'm Becoming' is a collaborative project released today, March 8, aiming to raise scholarship funds for young women across the UK.

Helen Elizabeth, from Middlewich, has joined others in sharing her story to create the book, available as an e-book download in aid of the 'Your Future Self' scholarship scheme.

Former police officer Helen said: “I am delighted to be involved in this incredible collaboration book for International Women’s Day – uniting with other women from around the globe to help empower 14 to 18-year-olds.

"I would hope that my small contribution to this inspirational book will have a positive impact on at least one life. It can be difficult enough during your teenage years, but some young girls don’t have a female role model to help navigate that period so one would hope this book can help slightly."

This project was spearheaded by 31-year-old Abigail Horne, founder of Authors&Co, which helps women leave a legacy through creating bestselling books.

Inspired by her two young daughters Mia and Ava, Helen's story touches on the projection of positive self image, and female tenacity.

She also offers advice on subjects such as self acceptance and overcoming adversity to realise potential.

Alison Goodwin, founder of Your Future Self, said: “We are delighted to be supported by this book launch event. We help young adults with mindset, teambuilding, sports, employability, leadership, goals and money management.

"Our retreats are pioneering, transformative, guaranteed to be fun, and will help young adults authentically connect with their peers.

"The retreats are an opportunity for young people to feel empowered when making career choices.

"This will be achieved by helping them explore extracurricular activities in a stimulating learning environment.”