MIDDLEWICH Community Pre School has been rated inadequate by Ofsted due to leadership and the development and welfare of the children.

The pre school was also told the quality of teaching and outcomes for children ‘requires improvement’.

Inspector Leanne McDowell said: “The provider fails to review and refresh safeguarding knowledge and understanding for her staff.

“This results in staff being unsure of the correct procedures to follow if they have concerns regarding a child's safety and welfare.

“That said, regular risk assessments are carried out by the provider to ensure the environment is safe.

“Staff adequately supervise and monitor children during their play and while eating, to minimise any risk of harm.”

The inspector was critical of the training available to the staff.

Inspector McDowell said: “Staff supervisions are not effective in identifying weaknesses within practice.

“As a result, staff do not receive accurate evaluations and guidance to develop their own practice.

“Professional development for staff is limited or outdated, which impacts on the quality that is being provided to the children in their care.”

Inconsistencies with the quality of teaching were included in the report.

The inspector said: “The quality of teaching is inconsistent. Activities for mixed-aged groups of children are not always appropriate for the youngest children.

“For example, register time is too long and not adapted enough to meet the needs of all children. This leads to them quickly losing interest, which in turn disrupts the activity.”

The inspector did observe positives within the nursery regarding the environment it provides for the children.

Inspector McDowell said: “The provider offers children a warm and welcoming environment.

“Children demonstrate that they are happy and confident, with the ability to make their own choices of what resources they wish to access.

“Relationships between the staff, children and parents are strong. Parents value the individual care and personal support offered by the setting on a daily basis.”

The Guardian has approached the nursery for comment.