CHESHIRE East Council has received a planning application for 21 new storage units in the land off Telford Way.

The units are designed to cater to businesses which are ran from home.

A planning statement said: “It very often happens that businesses that start at home outgrow the premises and seek to find dedicated premises, in many cases businesses grow more slowly but eventually need the extra space of a small storage unit.

“The whole spirit of the countries economic recovery is to encourage small businesses, providing self-employment which eventually leads to more employees and promotes economic prosperity.”

Parking spaces will not be provided as the units will only be used for storage and the applicant has stated that people will only be visiting for a short amount of time.

A planning statement said: “The design of the building takes inspiration from the existing industrial units on the adjacent site which are simple steel framed clad structures.

“These can be constructed easily and relatively economically so as to offer attractive small storage facilities at an economical cost to the small business.”