A NEW Women's Institute has been launched.

Winsford Salt Sisters hopes to encourage women in the town to join in a variety of inspiring community, arts, cookery and leisure activities.

Around 35 women of all ages signed up an inaugural meeting last month and get together again at 7.15pm on Tuesday, February 12 at Christ Church on Crook Lane in Wharton.

The group chose their Salt Sisters' name to reflect the town's industrial heritage, the multiple chimneys which dominated Winsford's skyline in the 1800s and 1900s, nicknamed the Seven Sisters.

New sculptures in the town park were recently designed to depict the famous structures.

Salt Sisters president Sue Newton says every member will have a say on how the group is shaped and developed.

The retired secondary school teacher said: "We've got a good mixture of people of all ages which is lovely. It has been well received. None of us have run a WI before so we're a fledgling group.

"We've got a broad range of backgrounds, different occupations, some with young families, others with no children. We are hoping to appeal to a wide base of people."

The WI celebrated its centenary in 2015 and is the largest voluntary women's organisation in the UK with around 220,000 members and 6, 300 groups.

The organisation provides opportunities to develop new skills and take part in a wide variety of activities as well as campaigning on issues that matter to women and their communities.

A former Winsford WI folded around five years ago.

Members of the new group have been invited to come up with suggestions about what they would like to see and do.

"We want people to put forward their ideas," said Sue."Anyone can come along, there is no age limit.

"We've had a good laugh together and will be looking at different ways of doing things.

"We don't know the full extent of what people want to do but we may set up knitting, book and cinema groups."

A programme of activities, suggested by members for the forthcoming year, is being finalised.

Guest speakers include an expert on climate, blood bikers and bee keeper.

A fun-filled food session is planned where members will be invited to guess the secret ingredient in certain dishes.

"We're trying to cater for everybody," said Sue.

Traditional skills the WI is famous for like baking and crafts will be offered.

"We're hoping members will take part in the Cheshire Show and exhibit things they make," she added. "We want to create our own identity and ethos and become part of the community.

"It should be an interesting year."

Any women interested are welcome to attend the meeting on Tuesday.