WHEN many employees are thinking of retiring, gran Georgina Lockett turned over a new leaf.

In 2016 the Winsford mum-of-two quit her job at a lending bank to become a florist.

Now at 60, she is celebrating the first birthday of her High Street shop, Georgina’s Incredible Blooms.

“I just love flowers,” said Georgina, who spent three years establishing her business on Winsford Market.

“I find it very therapeutic. My anxiety levels have dropped completely and my health is much better.”

Georgina’s passion for flowers was first nurtured when her daughter Lauren, 30, got married.

“One of our friends, a florist, came over from Canada and asked if she could do the flowers. She showed be some things and I got into it.”

Georgina studied at college, opened a market stall and started getting so many orders, she decided to change career.

“It is a big step but I am lucky I have had massive support from my husband Richard who helps with deliveries.

“He has encouraged me to break out into what I wanted to do. He saw the shop and as soon as I stepped inside I had that lovely feeling.”

Rising at 5am to select flowers at a warehouse is all part and parcel of being a florist.

“I prefer to pick my own stock,” she said. “I aways buy a bit extra so that I have something different, a bit of a ‘wow’ factor.”

Creating custom made bouquets for brides, designs for special occasions and preparing funeral arrangements, she says, is very rewarding.

“I love what I do,” said Georgina. “I am a people person. I’ve always worked in customer service. It’s nice to see the element of surprise on people’s faces when you deliver a bouquet.”

To make use of the first floor of her shop, she has opened a bridal boutique which stocks new and pre-loved wedding gowns as well as prom dresses.

“I like new challenges,” she said. “I take my work very seriously. I respect other florists around me as well. They have been there longer than I have.

“As an up and coming florist I’m no threat but I have changed my career and want it to be a success.

“If you don’t pick up on an opportunity it is missed and gone.

“I’m getting a real buzz out of it. Customers have been absolutely fabulous.”